San Francisco, US - 13th October 2020

Pandion Orbital ( announced today that it will be providing Cubesat Launch services to LEO, SSO, GTO and TLI orbit starting at $15,000 per unit. This service will be offered using the newly announced Skyliner deployer at the IAC 2020 hosted virtually.
Skyliner is a cutting-edge 98U ESPA-class CubeSat deployer designed from the ground up for efficiency and affordability, while using space-grade components and separation mechanisms to assure successful deployment. Designed to maximize the capacity of an ESPA port, Skyliner is the largest CubeSat deployer ever designed.

Pandion is now accepting pre-orders for the first mission of Skyliner, slated to fly aboard a SpaceX rideshare launch in the second half of 2021. Pandion is also offering dedicated Skyliner missions for constellations, with propulsive orbital dispersion available as an option.

"For too long, CubeSat launch has been controlled by players who had no interest in bringing the cost down. Today, we offer a new path to orbit. We truly believe that by providing everyone access to space launch, we will see infinitely more growth in the space frontier." said Geffen Avraham, founder of Skyline Celestial.

"Pandion simply takes economies of scale into consideration when providing launch brokerage services, and the demand has finally reached a state able to sustain a deployer of this size. Fossa Systems is extremely proud of participating in this venture and providing its aerospace expertise" said Julian Fernandez, CEO at Fossa Systems.

About Pandion Orbital
Pandion Orbital is a joint venture between Skyline Celestial and Fossa Systems to provide access to space for all. Pandion offers game-changing small satellite launches at unprecedented prices to make launching a CubeSat as easy as booking an airplane flight.

About Skyline Celestial
Skyline Celestial is a San Francisco-based space company designing the world's lowest cost CubeSats with the goal of making personal satellites a reality. Adapting technology from modern COTS electronics such as smartphones, Skyline's CubeSat platforms provide solutions for personal, enterprise, and national customers with world-class capacilities while costing no more than a standard computer.

About FOSSA Systems
FOSSA Systems is an aerospace company developing Picosatellites as a vertically integrated service for LEO. The company offers complete in-house solutions, from design to launch and operations. FOSSA is working on a global IoT and satellite service constellation, after the company’s first demonstrator was successfully tested in 2019. Their aim is to reduce the cost barrier to space and space-based services through miniaturization.



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